At BBA we offer a broad and balanced curriculum that allows all pupils the opportunity to develop their own interests and expertise. Our curriculum allows all pupils to become:

  • successful learners who enjoy studying and achieve the qualifications that will allow them to progress to the next stage in their education
  • aware of topical issues that affect them and others within society
  • tolerant and accepting of all members of their community and beyond including celebrating cultural diversity
  • confident in working independently or as in a team with the ability to lead others
  • responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society
  • able to understand the importance of health and safety in each stage of their lives

We operate a one week timetable with 6 lessons that are 50 minutes in length except on Thursdays when there are 4 lessons of an hour each. In addition there are enrichment opportunities after school each day ranging from academic support to broader interests like sport, the arts and the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

The curriculum that we offer at Bluecoat Beechdale Academy reflects its learners; it is diverse, vibrant and driven by a desire for success. It equips our students with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed throughout their time at the Academy and excel in the next steps in their educational journey, be that at the Sixth Form, college, university, apprenticeship or employment.

At key stage 4, pupils get to choose from a variety of academic and vocational courses and all receive detailed individual advice and guidance to ensure that they choose the right options for them. Assessment in these courses takes place in a variety of forms including assignments during the course and public examinations at the end of Key Stage 4. All subjects and qualifications are carefully selected to provide the best possible range of opportunities for our students and provide a platform for continued study after they leave us.

Our RSHE program has a variety of strands which are delivered to every year group and these include: British Values and Citizenship, Sex and Relationships; Careers; Health and Wellbeing; Drugs Education; Learning to Learn. Further details and timings can be found on the RHSE webpage.


At KS3 the majority of pupils follow the same curriculum and are taught in mixed ability groups. We have a broad and balanced curriculum allowing pupils to study a wide range of subjects from the core to the humanities, the arts, design and sport. We believe that students should be fully prepared for their future studies so we ensure that Knowledge, Skills and Understanding are built upon from year 7.



Core Curriculum

The core curriculum consists of GCSEs in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science (either double award or single sciences) and an Ebacc qualification (Geography, History or a Modern Foreign Language) as well as either a Sport qualification or GCSE Citizenship.

All students will initially study the same content for Science, which will lead to two GCSE qualifications. Those who have shown an aptitude for the subject will be study the subject in more depth and have the opportunity to take GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This means that, if successful, a pupil will leave with minimum of 7 GCSEs or equivalent qualifications just from the core curriculum and those with an aptitude for Science will leave with 8. In addition our most able pupils have the opportunity to study for a Further Maths qualification which is excellent preparation for the transition to A-level.



All pupils study 3 options subjects in Key Stage 4, one of which has to be an Ebacc qualification – Geography, History or Spanish. They may of course choose more than one of these and those thinking of going to university are strongly advised to do so. Beyond this, we believe in giving students a free choice but with the following in mind; this is the first step on the road and it is important that all children choose subjects that will provide them with the best opportunities for their future. For some pupils it will be more suitable to study a vocational qualification, which can lead more directly to a career in that area.

The list below shows all of the subjects that we currently offer and the examination boards:

Course Examination Board
GCSE Spanish AQA
GCSE Geography Edexcel
GCSE History AQA
GCSE Citizenship AQA
GCSE Computer Science OCR
BTEC Art Edexcel
BTEC Business Studies Edexcel
BTEC Construction WJEC
GCSE Design and Technology AQA
BTEC Digital Information Technology Edexcel
Hospitality and Catering WJEC
VTCT Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy VTCT
BTEC Health and Social Care Edexcel
BTEC Performing Arts Edexcel
BTEC Sport, Activity and Fitness Edexcel

If you would like more information about the curriculum please email our Assistant Principal for Curriculum Mr A Freestone afreestone@bluecoatbeechdale.uk.com

If you would like more information about the curriculum please email our Assistant Principal for Curriculum Mr A Freestone afreestone@bluecoatbeechdale.uk.com

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