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For any I.T issues at home please email the Academy: OR

Google Classrooms Guide

All work that has been set for students to complete is available on Google classrooms and updated on a daily basis. Work is also being sent out from teachers and tutors via email so please ensure you check your emails and Google classrooms on a regular basis.

If you require any help or support, please contact, and our admin team will assist you. Alternativley, try using the YouTube link below for step by step guidance on how to use Google classrooms:

Year 7 Google Classroom Codes

English mzanrno
Maths Heggary Maths – use your usual login details
Science Arvvxmu
History 6aqk5fp
Geography ggwhv5q
IT ag02rq5eag
Spanish 6nbojy3
Drama jel7e4a
Music npukkfl
D&T pv5bxfo or 5tfvbx3
Art ijknbno
Food etoo77m

Year 8 Google Classroom Codes

English vql4ug6
Maths Heggary Maths – use your usual log in details
Science sf7nk2k
History 3huh2yp
Geography hi36bka
IT ag02rq5eag
Spanish ouaaxv6
Drama 3hxjoit
Music 2yhn5pd
D&T jpk5d4r or ems3lwc
Art yk37x5k
Food d4mc3gy

Year 9 Google Classroom Codes


English hwnelzs
Maths Heggarty Maths – use your usual details to log in
Science m2yaa3w
French  tb73z3p)
History r3mm5je
Geography pw4cgfd
D&T Year 9 Food: gikrpwe

 Year 9 Construction: tawcygf

Year 9 Design and Technology : oz5fs25

Drama dpkm7tx
Computer Science iaywwnc
Hair and Beauty jx6guoo
Childcare exltbtr
Business uur4xj4

Year 10’s 

Please use the link below, to access the Year 10 helpdesk for I.T support.

Year 10 Google Classroom Codes

English Each English class has a different code. Follow the link in your school inbox dated 3rd April for your personalised invitation.
Maths Hegarty Maths – use your usual log in details
Science Combined Science class code ijkhlkt

Triple Biology class code qzeia5c

Triple Chemistry class code hnrtyhe

Triple Physics class code 2wofv7p

French code le6vdak
History abtyvqz
Geography cavaq53
D&T Year 10 Design and Technology 

(class code: p6g7nkn) or (class code: uiin3cc)

Year 10 food students

Class code: f3afjub

Art vfapvvk
Drama zvopoes
PE You will need to follow the instructions in the OCR Sport Booklet by either typing this up on Power Point if you have access to a computer or writing it out in your exercise book / homework book.
Computer Science rxkdpq5
Hair and Beauty ou7nlb6
Health and Social Care 2hxuzd7
DIT hdrltko
Business iadm7fz
Citizenship acw5hd3

Latest I.T Support and Help

If you are having I.T issues:

You can contact the Bluecoat Beechdale Helpdesk on:

You can also contact the Helpdesk phone number on: 0115 857 6845

I.T Support for students

For all questions, queries and enquiries regarding I.T issues, including forgetting passwords or access at home problems, please email we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For further support or information, please click the links below:

Remote Learning for Year 10’s

Online Learning Support Helpline

Fun learning at home

It is important that all students are getting the most out of learning from home. Please follow and use the helpful links and list of activities carefully selected by the teachers at BBA.

There is something here for everyone.

Recommended BBA Teachers

All year groups

As you will be aware, your child has a new Knowledge Organiser every half term, which aims to document the essential knowledge for each unit of work and acts as an essential revision tool. Year 7 should have a total of 4 Knowledge Organisers and Year 8, 9 and 10 will have a total of 10.


You can use your Knowledge Organisers and books in a number of different ways but you should not just copy from the Knowledge Organiser into your book.

Below are some possible tasks you could do in your homework books:

  • Write out the questions and try to remember the questions
  • Write out the answers and try to remember the questions
  • Ask someone to ask you the questions and you write them down
  • Fill in a blank Knowledge Organiser with as much as you can remember
  • Create mind maps
  • Create flashcards
  • Put the key words into new sentences
  • Create Mnemonics
  • Give yourself spelling tests
  • Cover the key words and test your definitions
  • Draw diagrams of processes
  • Draw images and annotate/label them with extra information
  • Do further research on the topic
  • Create flowcharts

Please take this opportunity to see the potential significant benefits reading for enjoyment can have on a child’s development. It is recommended that secondary students read for at least 20 minutes every night; there is a reading log for you to sign each night in the front of the Knowledge Organiser to help you keep track of what your child is reading.


Please use the Powerpoint’s below to complete the English tasks:

BBA – Oral Tasks English

BBA Activites – Non Fiction (1) English

Virtual Home Library

Use the link below to access some audible stories and bring the Library to your home…

There is something for everyone, perhaps you could enjoy a story with your sibling(s).


Geography Enrichment – 30th March 2020

Geography Enrichment – 20th April 2020

Geography Enrichment – 4th May 2020

Geography Home learning booklet BBA May





History enrichment at home

Design and Technology

Food And Hospitality Programs Weekly Guide

DT Food Art Construction Working From Home WC 040520

DT Food Art Construction

Tasks at home

Links to use at home

Should you have Wi-Fi at home, please find below a list of useful websites, this applies to all year groups and there is a section for each ability for your child to choose from.




History for Y9/10.

Design and Technology



KS4 Search for Edexcel B Geography

Modern Foreign Languages
Spanish –
French –

Now is a great time to start thinking about your future…

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