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An active BBA builds empathy and support through our student voice.

School of Sanctuary Student Committee members have once again been active raising awareness around what it means and feels like to be a sanctuary seeker; that is an asylum seeker fleeing their country in search of a safe place. Three students within the committee have been discovering the need to open up further dialogue on this since the attack on Ukraine over a month ago. The end result has been an assembly planned and delivered by themselves throughout the week beginning 21st March aimed at their peers (years 7 to 10).

That this is a matter all students wish to gain clarity on, and look at from different perspectives was clear from the engagement of students within the main hall and talks which have arisen post assembly mornings with the BBA School of Sanctuary Lead. The students delivering the talks touched on three important areas of interest: what school of sanctuary means for BBA students and achievements made so far; the media focus on the Ukrainian crisis and how this differs from previous and ongoing humanitarian causes and what action can be taken to be catalysts of change.

Please check our School of Sanctuary March/April bulletin to gain information on how we can all make and are making contributions to enhance our culture of safety and welcome at BBA. In the ‘Home’ section in particular, you will find out how you could be supporting your own child in their understanding of this, but also the action we are taking as a school and community to contribute to the aid that will be reaching Ukrainian children on the border with Poland. We hope you will be able to join us in our generosity to others.

Schools Of Sanctuary Newsletter March April 2022

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