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Results Day

If you require urgent assistance regarding your exam results, please contact:


Format of the Day

GCSE results days are still going ahead and results will be released on:

Thursday 20th August 2020

However, due to the current social distancing guidelines set by the Government, results day this year this will look different from previous years and you will not be able to come into school to collect your results.

This year your exam results will be released to students at 8.00am on Go 4 Schools. You must check that you can log into Go 4 Schools before results day.

  • Indicative CAG – this is the centre assessed grade that your teacher submitted to the exam board.  This is not your final grade, but if this is higher than your actual grade, most colleges/sixth form providers have stated that they will consider this grade during enrolment. Centres are able to make this grade available to you only once results have been published.
  • Actual Grade – this is the actual grade that will appear on your statement of results.  This has been decided using the CAG your teacher submitted and a statistical model which has been applied to all students across the country.

The printed statement of your results will be posted home to you on Thursday 20th August so will arrive at your home a few days later. It has also been announced that an exam series in the autumn term will go ahead in order to provide an opportunity to sit an exam, should you be disappointed with any grade achieved this summer.

Once you receive your results via Go 4 Schools you can then contact your college/sixth form to start your enrolment process.

Accessing your exam results: guidance for students

  1. Visit Go4Schools student login page: Use your school email address and existing Go4Schools password.
  2. If you need to create an account please visit the Go4Schools website and log on as a first time user with your school email address or reset password if you need to. (You reset password link will be sent to your school email address).

Click here for the Trust’s letter on how to access exam results

How are my Grades awarded?

After the cancellation of examinations centres were asked to make their best assessment of what grade the student would be most likely to receive and to place candidates in rank order. The purpose of this ranking was to allow adjustments to take place to ensure the distribution of grades at a national level was similar to previous years.

The grades that we submitted (Indicative CAGs) were our best assessment of what you would have achieved if you had taken exams, using a range of available evidence and previous assessment data. However, the exam boards then applied a ‘standardisation model’ so that the distribution of grades awarded this year is consistent with those awarded in other years at a national level, and this process inevitably results in some centre-assessed grades being adjusted.

This process is aimed at ensuring fairness and consistency between students in different years and in different schools and colleges so that, for example, it does not result in more students nationally being awarded higher grades this year when compared to cohorts in previous years. It is done to ensure that this year’s grades are as valid as in any other year.

However, we understand it may feel confusing and unfair to you where there is a difference between a centre-assessed grade and the final grade awarded (Actual) by the exam board. We can reassure you that your teachers approached the task of assessing grades with the utmost diligence, and that they felt the grades submitted were a fair and accurate reflection. The final grades awarded by the exam boards are the product of a nationally applied process, aimed at ensuring that your grades are consistent with those of students in other years, and therefore have equal value.

This has been a difficult and anxious time for many students as a result of the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

If you would like any further support or information about resit opportunities please do get in touch to make an appointment with a member of staff.

Ofqual published this helpful video recently to explain the process that has taken place for awarding grades this year:

Autumn Exam Series

You have the opportunity to ‘resit’ your results in the autumn. The resit exam windows are as follows:

GCSE:Mon 2nd November – Mon 23rd November

For GCSE, we advise that you contact your (new) Sixth Form/ College directly to request to resit any exams you wish to. Whilst we can and will support you at Bluecoat Beechdale, it might be in your best interests to resit at your new provision if you are moving on to study elsewhere, where you will be studying daily and settled in by then.

For any queries related to your results, resits or appeals, please contact us at

If you’d like to talk to someone for further guidance or support about your next steps, please make an appointment to talk to a member of staff by phone call or at a face to face meeting by calling 0115 913 5211.

My Next Steps

Despite exams being cancelled, this marks the end of for formal secondary education and this should be celebrated.  Take time with your family and enjoy witnessing the culmination of your growth over the last five years, and consider your exciting futures ahead.

If you need some help or guidance on results day, as you have not received the results that you were expecting, you can book an appointment to speak to a member of staff via either a phone call or as a face to face appointment in school. To make an appointment please ring the school on 0115 913 5211 and book the type of appointment you want.

Phone call appointments

You will book a time slot on the phone call booking system and a member of staff will call you at that time on the phone number that we have registered for your parent. Please make sure that you are ready to receive this phone call at the pre booked time.

Face to face appointments

To maintain safe social distancing, we are implementing the following safety measures;

1         Students will book a time slot to ensure that a limited number of students are on site at one time.

2         Implementing a one-way system that also ensures you are given the opportunity to talk to the relevant staff about any queries or questions you may have about your results.

3         Providing hand sanitiser upon your arrival as well as on desks within the hall.

4         Please attend these meetings either on your own or with one parent/carer.

5         You MUST have a booked appointment time to be seen by a member of staff.

Please make sure that if on your results day, you or someone in your household have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, you do not attend a face to face appointment and make a phone call appointment instead.

Academy Careers Advisor telephone appointments can be made by emailing them directly and explaining your query

If you wish to talk to somebody other than a parent or teacher about your exam results then please visit where there are links to organisations that may be able to help you.

You can also contact Futures and speak to a careers advisor if you need any further advice. They can be contacted on 0800 085 8520 or visit their website

Enrolment at ALT Sixth Form: Bluecoat Aspley Sixth Form enrolment will be done online and by phone on Thursday 20th August and Friday 21st August.  If you applied to our Sixth Form you will have received a letter from Mrs Wood outlining this process.  The details of the letter are also on this website via the link

Sixth Form 

Enrolment at other sites: All sites will plan their enrolment onto further education separately and differently.  Contact your chosen course provider to find out how to enrol at your chosen place of study.

Enrolment into Bluecoat Sixth Form

We are delighted to be preparing to welcome students into year 12 in September. These last months may have been very challenging but please rest assured that we have plans in place to support you with the transition to Sixth Form and that we also have rigorous safety procedures in place. The safety of our students is always at the forefront of all of our plans.

With safety in mind, the decision has been made that this summer’s enrolment process will be completed remotely. Happily our online admissions system means that the transfer to remote enrolment is very straightforward.

Once you have your results on Thursday 20th August, you can then complete stage 1 of your online enrolment by logging in to Admissions+ ( Follow the simple steps to check your details, input your GCSE results and select the courses you wish to study.

Once stage 1 is complete, a member of our sixth form team will call you using the contact number you provided in your online application, so please check the number that you provided. During this phone call you will be asked to confirm some important details from your enrolment details, have your GCSE grades verified and discuss your course choices. This is your opportunity to receive guidance on course choices and have any questions answered.

This phone call should take place by 3pm on Monday 24th August. If you have not heard from a member of our team by this point then please email

At the end of your phone call the sixth form team member will confirm that you are now enrolled onto your selected courses and will explain the next steps.

You will then receive an email with a number of very important documents that you will need to have read and understood before our year 12 induction day on Monday 7th September. And then your journey at Bluecoat Sixth Form can begin!

Below you will find more details regarding how to enrol. Please read through these carefully in advance of GCSE results day and then return to them on the day you begin your online enrolment.

The Sixth Form team are so looking forward to warmly welcoming you into our sixth form and to supporting you in achieving your aspirations. If you haven’t already accessed the taster day videos made by our staff and teachers then please visit We are here for you should you have any questions at all so please don’t hesitate to contact us using the email address above.

Hints and Tips for Enrolment day

  • Admissions+ works best when opened in Google Chrome
  • Enter username and password set up at point of application.
  • If you have forgotten your password please select the ‘forgotten password’ option.
  • If this does not resolve a password/username issue then please email and our office staff will be able to help with this.

In order to complete stage 1 of your enrolment you will need:

o   Your contact details including a mobile number

o   Two parent/carer contact details

o   GP address and phone number

o   Your GCSE results

  • We recommend you have a version of the Bluecoat Sixth Form course guide to hand (if you do not have a hard copy at home then you can find an online version at Before selecting any course please ensure you meet the entry criteria specific to each subject.
  • If you need to speak with a member of staff for guidance when selecting courses then pick three subjects and finish stage 1 of your enrolment to trigger your phone call. It will be possible to change the courses once you speak with a member of staff.

Good Luck to each and everyone of you, from all of us here at Bluecoat Beechdale.

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