Enrichment at home

Enrichment at home

Bluecoat Beechdale Home Learning Enrichment

We are first and foremost concerned about our student’s health and that of their families. As a Trust we believe that social distancing and home learning is the right thing to do.  We understand that the health of you and your family comes first.  We understand that there will be lots of time at home over the next few weeks and want to support you and your family to get the most out of this time together. We aim to provide stimulus for students to ensure that their mental wellbeing is supported and will adapt to an ever changing situation.   With this in mind we have designed an enrichment programme which will be emailed out and put onto the school website each week.  We would like this to formulate part of your child’s Home Learning activities each week. Enrichment will ensure that our pupils always have some stimulus even if they run out of classwork.

Expectations around Enrichment

The work set by your child’s teachers is the priority.  Enrichment is a list of suggested activities that will revolve around a theme set each week. Activities will include; something to watch, something to make, an area to research; something to read; something to write; a physical challenge and a question to ponder.


We recommend that all students keep a journal.  This is an unprecedented time in History and it is important that it is recorded as well as allowing pupils the opportunity to use expressive writing as a constructive way to cope with daily stress and anxiety and support building better habits by making you aware of your actions and behaviours.  This can include what work you are doing and how you are feeling during this time. The question to ponder could be something for pupils to write in their journal.


Journal ideas

  • Date and Time (This will be useful when looking back over your journal)
  • How you’re feeling
  • What work you’re doing
  • What book you’re reading (what’s happening in the book, what do you think will happen next? were you right?)
  • What meals you’re eating
  • Any physical exercise you do
  • Chores you have helped with
  • Interesting documentary’s you have watched or listened to
  • Who you speak to, text or FaceTime
  • Make it as creative as you like
  • Question to ponder


We believe that an active mind and body is the best way to challenge any anxiety.  There is also an expectation of our pupils that our students will continue to ‘Believe in themselves, in others and in God’ through supporting their own families at this time by participating in weekly chores.  We have provided a list of suggestions below to support you in this. We will award positive points if pupils keep a note of this in their journal.

Make your bed every day

Play a game with a younger sibling

Hoover or sweep the floors

Weed the garden or mow the grass

Wash and dry the dishes

Put a load of washing on

Clean your bedroom

Cook a meal

Hand the washing out to dry

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